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The International Journal of Tuberculosis and Lung Disease


Volume 17, Number 4 - April 2013

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Planning for the invisible: projecting resources
needed to identify and treat all patients with MDR-TB
C. D. Mitnick, J. Keravec, T. Cohen

All we need to know in public health we can
learn from tuberculosis care: lessons for
non-communicable disease
A. Seita, A. D. Harries

Sarcoidosis and obesity: twin problems for the patient
A. Baydur


The benefits to communities and individuals
of screening for active tuberculosis disease:
a systematic review. No. 2 in State of the Art Series:
Active case finding/screening
K. Kranzer, H. Afnan-Holmes, K. Tomlin, J. E. Golub,
A. Shapiro, A. Schaap, E. L. Corbett, K. Lönnroth,
J. R. Glynn

Incidence of ethambutol-related visual impairment
during treatment of active tuberculosis
N. Ezer, A. Benedetti, M. Darvish-Zargar, D. Menzies

Estimating the tuberculosis burden in resource-limited
countries: a capture-recapture study in Yemen
A. Bassili, A. Al-Hammadi, A. Al-Absi, P. Glaziou,
A. Seita, I. Abubakar, A. L. Bierrenbach, N. A. van Hest

Estimating tuberculosis burden and reporting in
resource-limited countries: a capture-recapture study
in Iraq
S. Huseynova, D. S. Hashim, M. R. Tbena, R. Harris,
A. Bassili, I. Abubakar, P. Glaziou, K. Floyd, N. A. van Hest

Annual risk of tuberculous infection among
schoolchildren in Bhutan
L. Z. Wangchuk, V. K. Chadha

Acceptance of treatment for latent tuberculosis
infection: prospective cohort study in the United
States and Canada
P. W. Colson, Y. Hirsch-Moverman, J. Bethel, P. Vempaty,
K. Salcedo, K. Wall, W. Miranda, S. Collins, C. R. Horsburgh,
for the Tuberculosis Epidemiologic Studies Consortium

Sex disparities in tuberculosis suspect evaluation:
a cross-sectional analysis in rural Uganda
C. R. Miller, J. L. Davis, A. Katamba, A. Sserwanga,
S. Kakeeto, F. Kizito, A. Cattamanchi

Non-adherence and drug-related interruptions are
risk factors for delays in completion of treatment
for tuberculosis
A. C. Pettit, J. Cummins, L. A. Kaltenbach, T. R. Sterling,
J. V. Warkentin

Deaths of tuberculosis patients in urban China:
a retrospective cohort study
W. B. Wang, Q. Zhao, Z. A. Yuan, W. L. Jiang, M. L. Liu, B. Xu

N-acetyl transferase 2 and cytochrome P450 2E1
genes and isoniazid-induced hepatotoxicity in
Brazilian patients
N. P. C. Santos, S. M. Callegari-Jacques, A. K. C. Ribeiro
dos Santos, C. A. Silva, A. C. R. Vallinoto, D. C. R. O.
Fernandes, D. C. de Carvalho, S. E. B. Santos, M. H. Hutz

Tumour necrosis factor-alpha and nitric oxide response
in different categories of tuberculosis patients
U. Chakraborty, A. Goswami, S. Saha, T. Mukherjee,
S. K. Dey, S. Majumdar, N. K. Pal

Multidrug resistance in new tuberculosis patients:
burden and implications
S. Royce, D. Falzon, C. van Weezenbeek, M. Dara,
K. Hyder, P. Hopewell, M. D. Richardson, M. Zignol

Drug resistance in Mexico: results from the National
Survey on Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis
I. Bojorquez-Chapela, C. E. Bäcker, I. Orejel, A. López,
A. Díaz-Quiñonez, M. I. Hernández-Serrato, S. Balandrano,
M. Romero, M. M. Téllez-Rojo Solís, M. Castellanos,
C. Alpuche, M. Hernández-Ávila, H. López-Gatell

Successful management of multidrug-resistant
tuberculosis under programme conditions in the
Dominican Republic
M. Rodriguez, I. Monedero, J. A. Caminero,
M. Encarnación, Y. Dominguez, I. Acosta, E. Muñoz,
E. Camilo, S. Martinez-Selmo, S. de los Santos,
M. del Granado, M. Casals, J. Cayla, B. Marcelino

Converging risk factors but no association between
HIV infection and multidrug-resistant tuberculosis
in Kazakhstan
S. van den Hof, A. Tursynbayeva, T. Abildaev, M. Adenov,
S. Pak, G. Bekembayeva, S. Ismailov

Screening for pulmonary tuberculosis in
HIV-infected individuals: AIDS Clinical Trials
Group Protocol A5253
S. Swindells, L. Komarow, S. Tripathy, K. P. Cain,
R. R. MacGregor, J. M. Achkar, A. Gupta, V. G. Veloso,
A. Asmelash, A. E. Omoz-Oarhe, S. Gengiah, U. Lalloo,
R. Allen, C. Shiboski, J. Andersen, S. S. Qasba,
D. K. Katzenstein, for the AIDS Clinical Trials Group 5253 Study Team

Association between tuberculosis treatment
outcomes and the mobile antiretroviral therapy
programme in Zambia
S. Miyano, C. Dube, N. Kayama, N. Ishikawa, I. Nozaki,
G. Syakantu


Integrating patients’ perspectives into integrated
tuberculosis-human immunodeficiency virus
health care
A. Daftary, N. Padayatchi

Cost utility of lateral-flow urine lipoarabinomannan
for tuberculosis diagnosis in HIV-infected
African adults
D. Sun, S. Dorman, M. Shah, Y. C. Manabe, V. M. Moodley,
M. P. Nicol, D. W. Dowdy

Effect of obesity on patient-reported outcomes
in sarcoidosis
B. S. Gvozdenovic, V. Mihailovic-Vucinic, M. Vukovic,
E. E. Lower, R. P. Baughman, A. Dudvarski-Ilic, V. Zugic,
S. Popevic, J. Videnovic-Ivanov, S. Filipovic, M. Stjepanovic,
M. Omcikus


Necrotising pneumonia caused by Lactococcus
lactis cremoris
H. L. Buchelli-Ramirez, C. Alvarez-Alvarez, S. Rojo-Alba,
M. García-Clemente, R.Cimadevilla-Suárez,
A. Pando-Sandoval, P. Casan-Clará


Ethnicity and ventilatory function: a response to
Professor Quanjer
P. Burney, R. Hooper